IPL Hair Removal / Reduction

IPL hair removal, hair reduction, permanent hair removal

How does IPL Hair Removal / Reduction work?

Based on the absorption of specific wavelengths of light energy which are transformed into heat below the surface of the skin, Intense Pulsed Light compromises the body’s ability to re-grow hair in the treated area. Permanent and long-lasting results.

During the treatment

The hair reduction procedure itself is very straightforward. You’ll lie on a bed and make yourself comfortable. As a safety measure, you’ll be asked to wear some eye protection, which the therapist will also wear.

During the treatment a small hand piece will be used to touch your skin with flashes of light and a cold gel will  be applied.  You might feel a slight stinging and tingling sensation. Sometimes the skin may reddens slightly, depending on which part of your body is being treated. Treatments can be repeated at monthly intervals for between 3 and 8 treatments. Private costs for IPL hair reduction depend on the size of area treated and number of sessions required.

After the treatment

There may be some redness after the treatment but this usually only lasts one or two days. Sometimes there can be an increase or loss of pigmentation (colouring) in the skin. In a very small number of cases the skin’s texture may change slightly. IPL very rarely causes scarring.

We understand that when you have unwanted body hair, you want to find a solution that’s effective and easy. Our methods are proven and safe. All hair removal is carried out by highly trained laser therapists who are committed to providing you with the very highest levels of service.

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