• Men and Aesthetics

    Men and Aesthetics

    Men. We can be vain creatures sometimes. Standing in front of the mirror and flexing our muscles, in our minds we see an Adonis in the reflection. For most of us sadly, it is something quite different staring back!mirror-mismatch-guy

    We are simple creatures, content to make the best of what we have.
    At least that used to be the case.

    An explosion in the fitness and cosmetics industries has come about recently.  A large part of it due to men.

    Men take care of themselves these days. We exercise, we eat well, and we moisturise. And yes, there has been a huge increase in men undergoing aesthetic procedures.

    More men are wishing to emulate the looks of celebrities or have a more youthful appearance. Being more attractive or boosting self-esteem are important priorities for men in 2016.

    Some reasons below, noted for this upward trend.


    Competing in the workplace

    “Men are coming under pressure to look younger for longer in the boardroom. This is due to competition from younger recruits in the work environment. Youthful looks equal energy, ideas and a go-getting attitude in the minds of employers.” Says Marc Moreso, CEO of Leisurejobs.com.

    Attracting a partner

    Men now know that there are ways to make themselves look more attractive to a potential partner. Getting a new haircut aside, these can include both surgical and non-surgical aesthetic treatments.

    Boosting self-esteem

    If you look good, you can feel good too. Sometimes it’s not about someone else, but doing something just for yourself. There is a lot of “If it’s good enough for her …” justification amongst men. From moisturising to grooming, hair and beauty and now aesthetics – men know its ok for them too. For a long time now, men have seen women having aesthetic treatments done. When they see the positive impact the results can have – men want to experience that too.

    Even being a little vain is OK these days.


    ”Advertising, and men’s grooming pages within mainstream press, have increased dramatically within the 10 years. Men are more likely to find it acceptable to look after their looks in the same way women do.” Notes Ben Isaacs of Shortlist Magazine.

    So what treatments are men opting for?

    While we offer many treatments suited to men, there are a few that have become more popular recently.

    Dermal Fillers & Anti-Wrinkle Injections

    Men want to give themselves a more youthful, fresher look, for the reasons stated above. Top of the list are the injectable treatments we offer. In a lot of cases, our male clientèle have seen superior results to those achieved by women.

    A recent article in Aesthetics Journal Magazine, shows a huge increase in these treatments sought by men. 84% in the case of Anti-Wrinkle Injections. Added to that, a whopping 94% increase in Dermal Filler procedures experienced since 2010.

    Scar Reduction

    Of note are facial scars, which until recent times men have just ‘dealt with’ as part of the look they’ve acquired over the years.  We see more and more men enquiring to find out we can help them, and what results can be achievable.

    Red Veins / Broken Veins / Pigmentation

    A popular set of treatments.  Men seek our help to remove or reduce the appearance of red / broken veins, in most cases on the cheeks or nose. Red pigmentation – associated with Irish skin, is another area of growing concern amongst men.

    Do you have any questions about the treatments we offer? Are you interested in a particular treatment or treating any area of concern? Contact us to arrange a consultation. Our expert staff can determine what treatment is best for you, and help allay any fears you may have.

    As always, are consultation are completely free of charge, and non-obligatory.


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