• Your treatment and your expectations!

    Your treatment and your expectations!

    People can often be unsure if a treatment is going to be worth it…

    …and there really is no definitive answer, at least not before we see them.

    It’s true that sometimes people have unrealistic expectations of what they stand to gain from a procedure, and in a lot of cases to see the results you desire may require multiple treatments, or indeed a combination of treatments to achieve the results you are deserving of.
    At The Fitzwilliam Private Clinic, we pride ourselves on patient care. That’s why all of our aesthetic treatments are subject to a FREE, comprehensive consultation with our nurse. During this consultation, your suitability for any procedure will be determined, the expected results will be explained, and different treatment options may be discussed – after all, the treatment you had originally wanted may not be the most suitable one for you or the condition you wish to treat.
    Below, we have put together some examples of popular treatments at our clinic to showcase what results can be achieved. Read on..

    acne treatment, acne, before and after

    Acne Treatment Before & After

    The patient above presented with acne on both sides of her face and chin. Our treatment comprises of chemical skin peels and IPL. In most cases, the patient is sent away after the initial consultation with instructions on how to prepare the skin before the treatment commences. This may involve a cleaning and moisturising regime to be followed for a week or so before we would begin the Acne Treatment. As you can see, excellent results were achieved.


    dermal fillers, lip fillers, nasolabial filler

    Befoer and after image of one of our patients receiving Dermal Filers

    This lady wanted to reduce the appearance of her nasolabial folds (lines from the nose to the corner of the mouth) and give her lips a little more definition. The obvious choice of treatment was Dermal Fillers. Fillers give an almost instantaneous improvement to the area treated. As can be seen, the results can be incredible when carried out by an expert such as our Aesthetic Nurse, and they can last up to a year or more.

    scar treatment, scar reduction,  CO2 laser skin resurfacing, fractional skin resurfacing

    Befoer and after Scar Treatment

    This patient presented with quite a prominent scar on his forehead. After a thorough consultation with our nurse, it was decided that Laser Skin Resurfacing would provide the best results. While the scar has not gone away completely, its appearance has been quite significantly reduced.

    Have you been disappointed with results not meeting your expectations before?
    Or had you been promised results from a treatment that never materialised?

    Find out what The Fitzwilliam Private Clinic can do for you – Aesthetics Home














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