Leaky Bladder

What is leaky bladder?

Losing control of your bladder, or urinary incontinence, is unfortunately a widely common problem with one in five women over the age of 40 reporting leaking urine or having increased urgency to make it to the bathroom. Likewise five years after delivery, one third to half of all women report leakage that they consider ‘socially bothersome’.

This can impact on your confidence and social interaction, resulting in anxiety, isolation and low mood.

What is FemiLift?

FemiLift is a fractional carbon dioxide laser that is used to achieve vaginal tightening to relieve stress urinary incontinence. The laser is delivered via a single use probe which is inserted 6-8cm into the vaginal canal.

The laser delivers energy approximately 0.5mm deep into the vaginal skin. This creates tiny, white, ablated dots of damaged tissue, which stimulates the healing response around each mirco-dot. This healing causes new collagen to form, thickening the lining of the vaginal wall.

How can FemiLift Help?

Leakage can be a thing of the past with this reassuring alternative to surgery. It is clinically proven to treat symptoms of urinary incontinence in a safe and efficient way. This improvement occurs by remodelling the vaginal connective tissue, which thickens the wall resulting in additional support to the surrounding structures.

An additional bonus is it is relatively pain free with most women reporting the sensation feeling on par with a smear test.

What does the treatment consist of?

In most cases a course of 3 sessions is recommended. The majority of women will notice a significant improvement after 2-3 treatment sessions however your doctor will prescribe an exact treatment course for your particular needs.

What results can I expect?

Results can last approximately 2 years. You then may require top-up treatment to maintain the tightening and control.

Steps to treatment

Your treatment begins with a full assessment with our registered gynaecologist Dr. Monika Antepowicz who has specialised in female reproductive health for over 25 years.

This vaginal examination is performed to check the health of your vaginal tissue so that Dr. Antepowicz can determine whether you are a suitable candidate and address any specific concerns you may have. Once approved for treatment, you can then book your first FemiLift procedure.

The number of procedures you need will depend on the condition of your vaginal tissue and what you want to achieve. Most women tend to have 3 procedures to build better collagen and enjoy longer lasting results.

Further information

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Once you have made your appointment you will be asked to complete a comprehensive medical questionnaire which will give the doctor all the information she needs to ensure you are suitable candidate for an assessment.

Assessment & Treatment Costs

Initial Assessment: €150

Single FemiLift Treatment: €1500

Pack of 3 FemiLift Treatments: €3000

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