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Life is for living so why limit your lifestyle when you can transform it with FemiLift; a non-invasive vaginal rejuvenation treatment designed to meet the needs of women of all ages.

FemiLift is a reassuring alternative to surgery. Using advanced C02 lasers that apply thermal energy to the vaginal walls, this innovative procedure effectively renews vaginal tissue by stimulating new collagen production.

What makes this safe and efficient technology so popular is what it does physically and emotionally for women who want a new lease of life. A series of these 10-15 minute procedures have transformed the lives of women throughout Ireland.

Every woman has her reasons for choosing this treatment. Mothers want rejuvenation to regain the shape they had before childbirth. Some want a better sexual relationship with their partner. Others want to enjoy everyday activities without the worry of urinary incontinence.

What surprises our clients is how well FemiLift answers these issues not to mention the emotional benefits it brings. See for yourself the range of results that mean happier times ahead for you and your body.

1. Takes Care of Urinary Incontinence
The fear of urine leakage or loss of bladder control can cause you worry when out and about. FemiLift treats pelvic floor dysfunction by increasing the underlying strength and elasticity of the vaginal walls giving you the freedom to enjoy a more active lifestyle.

2. Helps Banish those Body Blues
Feelings of inadequacy can surface when you lose control over how your body behaves. Knowing that you have the power to regain control with a quick non-surgical treatment can restore your confidence and leave you with a more positive body image.

3. Boost your Sex Life
Sex is all about intimacy and enjoyment. Thickening the collagen on the walls of the vagina tightens the vaginal canal, which heightens sensations during intercourse making sex more pleasurable and satisfying for you and your partner.

4. Maintains Vaginal Muscle Tone
As you age. the collagen in your vaginal tissue decreases. So getting this procedure in your late 20’s and early 30’s can help maintain your vaginal tone and elasticity so you experience fewer vaginal concerns in later life.

5. Takes the Anxiety out of Exercise
Going to the gym or jogging can cause anxiety about visible wet patches from the over-stretching of vaginal tissue during childbirth. By stimulating the production of healthy collagen fibres, this vaginal laxity can be treated effectively by tightening your vaginal walls.

6. Restores and Reshapes your Vagina
A hysterectomy, menopause, surgery or childbirth can all change the condition of the vagina leaving women in unfamiliar territory with issues like vaginal dryness, painful sex and urine leakage. Applying gentle thermal energy lo damaged tissue can replenish (he vaginal walls restoring your vagina so you rediscover a more youthful you.

7. Reduces Urinary Tract and Vaginal Infections
Vaginal dryness after menopause or low oestrogen levels can trigger a pH imbalance that can lead to recurring infections. The creation of new collagen revives vaginal (issue making it healthier and better equipped to fight off bacteria that can cause you discomfort.

8. Increases Vaginal Moisture
Recent studies reveal that 75% of women do not discuss vaginal dryness with their doctor. Oestrogen is the female hormone that keeps the lining of the vagina thick and moist. When thinning occurs due to low oestrogen levels around menopause, women experience vaginal dryness. FemiLift helps lubricate your vagina by stimulating the necessary secretion / glands.


My treatment with Femlift has for the 2nd time been very successful in relieving my stress incontinence to the extent that I no longer have to worry about accidents playing golf and I’ve joined a gym and aerobic classes which would not have been possible for me last year.
An amazing improvement in bladder control.
I have also noticed better sensation with orgasm since my visit to your clinic
Overall delighted with the results – Thank You!

Before, I sneezed and I was worried about the consequences of the sneeze. I felt like I couldn’t cough or sneeze too much. If we were out in the park, I was mindful of where the nearest toilet was. I don’t have to worry about it now.

FemiLift rejuvenates you. I feel more feminine and I’ve got greater sensation down there. It’s kinda like turning the clock back, particularly if you’ve had children. It would be great if obstetricians could refer women on.

I went in and met with the nurse and consultant gynaecologist and discussed everything. A vaginal issue is not something that you talk openly to friends about. You’d only talk about it if someone else raised it as an issue.

I noticed about 2 weeks after the second treatment and more so after the third. I definitely felt my expectations were met. It’s over in about 15 minutes and not worse than a smear test.

Monika is lovely, heavenly and has a really nice manner. Yeah I’ve recommended FemiLift to friends. The aftercare is very professional and pleasant.

Grainne, 47, Rathfarnham

I had the procedure done in November 2015 as I had recurring problems with leakage when my bladder was full, and I didn’t have access to the bathroom or was away from facilities etc.

For the first two weeks or so afterwards I found everything was irritated, not painful, but I was running to the loo a lot.

When that settled, I improved 100 percent and have been great since.

Maureen, 47, Tipperary

FemiLift built my confidence with my partner and enabled me to enjoy my relationship and my sports again. I started a new relationship 2 years ago. After having three kids, your muscles down there do go lax. It was something I wanted to correct for ages.

I had FemiLift for two reasons: I wanted to stop the incontinence and I wanted more confidence. After having four treatments, I feel 100% better – emotionally and physically. I’m more active now and more comfortable in my relationship. I haven’t felt like that in 15 years and I wish I’d done it sooner.

FemiLift is an easy treatment and I’d totally recommend it. The nurse at the Fitzwilliam Private Clinic made me feel very comfortable and the staff are easy to talk to and very discreet.

If I had to give women one piece of advice, I’d say don’t be embarrassed because hundreds of women suffer from vaginal issues and just speak up. FemiLift is there for a reason. Lots of women get it done from all different age groups. It makes a huge difference to your life.

Elaine, 46, Harold’s Cross

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