FemiLift Packages

Steps to Treatment

Your treatment begins with a full vaginal assessment with our registered gynaecologist Dr. Monika Antepowicz who has specialised in female reproductive health for over 25 years.

This vaginal examination is performed to check the health of your vaginal tissue so that Monika can determine whether you are a suitable candidate and address any specific concerns you may have.

Once approved for treatment, you can then book your first FemiLift procedure with the help of our nurse who will take you through the recommended treatment intervals and aftercare.

The number of procedures you need will depend on the condition of your vaginal tissue and what you want to achieve. Most women tend to have 3 procedures to build better collagen and enjoy longer lasting results.


About the Procedure

FemiLift involves a sterile disposable probe that is placed over the laser technology, guided by Dr. Monika Antepowicz, to safely deliver thermal energy to the vaginal tissue. As a specialist directs the movement of the probe, this helps control the intensity to maximise precision and comfort.

The probe is inserted between 6-8 centimetres into the vagina where laser light beams travel 0.5mm into the vaginal tissue just enough to pinpoint where new collagen is formed. Many clients have likened the experience to that of a smear test.

Each appointment lasts 30 minutes, however the treatment itself takes just 10-15 minutes to perform. During which time, our nurse is on hand to offer assistance and support to ensure your satisfaction.

You can go back to your daily routine directly after treatment, as there is no recovery time needed. However, we do advise that clients abstain from sex and strenuous exercise for 5-7 days.


Cost of Treatment

We start with a Professional Assessment (costing €150).

Most people require 3 treatments:

1.  FemiLift treatment: €1500
2. FemiLift treatments: €2400
3. FemiLift treatments: €3000

As the only clinic in Ireland with a registered gynaecologist in-house performing the vaginal assessment and FemiLift procedure, we offer a comprehensive FemiLift experience for your convenience and comfort.

The cost of this vaginal examination is €150 and is non-refundable as this assessment is mandatory.

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Whether you are a new mum or after your third child, the Mummy Makeover is the package treating the vaginal changes that come with motherhood.

We will take you through the benefits of this non-surgical rejuvenation treatment and discover how you can start to reclaim body confidence, better bladder control and improved vaginal elasticity with a quick lunchtime procedure.

Prices range from €1500 for 1 treatment to €3000 for 3 treatments with 6-8 week intervals between procedures.

Release yourself from the shackles of anxiety and insecurity with the Body Booster package that restores confidence.

We will explain how you can embrace a better sex life, improved vaginal lubrication and a rejuvenated vaginal shape thanks to the innovative technology of FemiLift.

Prices start at €1500 for 1 treatment, €2400 for 2 treatments and €3000 for 3 treatments with 6-8 week intervals between procedures.

Stay active whatever your ago with the Lifestyle Lifter package that helps you enjoy a healthier, more energetic you.

However you want to reconnect with a sportier lifestyle, we can take you through the benefits that a stronger pelvic floor can bring thanks to tighter vaginal walls. So you can spend more time out and about without having to pack incontinence pads.

Prices start at €1500 for 1 treatment. €2400 for 2 treatments and €3000 for 3 treatments with 6-8 week intervals between procedures.

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