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The Fitzwilliam Private Clinic is Ireland’s centre of excellence for the treatment of snoring. We change people’s lives every day and reduce the serious health risks they face as snorers.

Don’t think you are beyond help: We use non-invasive treatments that have helped thousands of people, just like you, all over the world. Our snoring treatments are quickpain-free and as easy as a trip to the dentist with everything done in the modern, comfortable surroundings of The Fitzwilliam Private Clinic. You will be in and out in an hour and can return to your life straightaway.

What people say about the treatment

The answers you’ve been looking for

These are some of the questions we are most often asked. Hopefully, yours are answered here but, if they are not, you can always contact us and we will be happy to help.

Will I be able to swallow properly afterwards?

Yes. We will have you drinking water before you leave the clinic.

Will my friends know that I have had the procedure done?

No. Not unless you tell them, or they notice you have not kept them awake all night.

Can I book a consultation over the phone?

Of course! Simply call (01) 662 9908 to arrange a consultation.

Will the surgeon explain the exact details and potential success of my procedure?

Yes. This is important. The surgeon will see you, assess you, and then discuss his findings with you. The procedure will then take place, and will be performed by the consultant surgeon.

Who do I contact afterwards if I have any questions?

You will be given written relevant contact details before you are discharged and we’re always here to answer any questions you might have.

Does it cost any money to have an assessment?

Yes. The initial assessment will cost €100. However, many of our patients have had the cause of their snoring identified and treated at the consultation – without the need for any further procedures. Simply call 01 662 9908 and book your consultation.

Will I feel under any pressure to have surgery done?

Absolutely not. We are here to advise you about your problem and your options. We will explain all aspects of the procedures and then the decision is down to you.

Can I bring my partner along with me?

Yes. We prefer you to bring your partner along. It will help with the assessment and it is nice for you to have some support. If you would prefer to come alone, then that’s fine too.

How soon can I have the surgery done?

Naturally, it depends on lots of things, but the rule of thumb is two to three weeks from consultation. This is sometimes changeable and we will always do our best to fit in with your diary and timetable where possible.

Book an Assessment

At Fitzwilliam Private Clinic we understand you may have particular questions about different aspects of our procedures… and indeed wish to explore if this is the right solution for you, therefore we offer an assessment with our doctor to assess your particular needs and answer any questions you may have.

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