• Sun Safety

    Sun Safety

    Summer is here!

    for a few days at least…

    Remember to keep safe

    With a couple of days of sun finally upon us, and temperatures due to reach the mid 20’s, its important to remember some ‘Sun Safety’ if you’re going to be out and about.

    What are the risks of sun exposure?

    Sun damage can manifest itself in many ways, most noticeably in the form of sunburn – where some damage has already occurred. This leads to painful, red, and even blistered areas of the skin which can begin to peel away as the skin tried to heal itself. Over exposure to the sun can also lead to:

      • Hyperpigmentation – caused by the skins production of melanin in an attempt to protect itself from harmful UV rays. 90% of patients seeking treatment for hyperpigmentation are women.


      • Pre-cancerous keratoses & skin lesions.


      • Benign tumours.


      • Fine & coarse wrinkles.


      • Freckles.


      • Sallowness – a yellowish discolouration of the skin.


      • Telangiectasias – dilation of small blood vessels under the skin.


      • Elastosis – the breakdown of the skins elastin & collagen tissues.


      • Skin Cancer.


    What can you do to protect yourself?

    There are some very simple steps you can take to help reduce your risk of sun damage, and its never too late to protect yourself.

      • Always use a good quality sunscreen with a Sun Protection Factor of 30 (or higher). Apply 20 minutes before exposure to the sun, and at least every 2 hours thereafter.


      • Wear clothing, sunglasses, cosmetics & contact lenses that have UV protection built in.


      • Avoid exposure to the sun between 10am & 2pm (when the suns UV rays are at their strongest).


      • Wear a hat to keep direct sunlight from your head & face.


      • Keep an eye on your skin, and notice any changes in pigmentation, blemishes or growths – whcih could be sign of sun damage.


      • Children – remember these tips apply to them too!

    Have fun – be Safe in the Sun!


    SkinCeuticals product line

    SkinCeuticals product line

    Here at The Fitzwilliam Private Clinic, we recommend SkinCeuticals range of SPF and skincare products – available to purchase directly from us.

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