Women’s Health Physiotherapy

Women’s Health at Fitzwilliam Private Clinic

Here at the Fitzwilliam Private Clinic our team of Chartered Physiotherapists specialise in women’s health issues and are here to help you.

You are not alone with…

  • 38 in 1000 women suffer from chronic pelvic girdle pain
  • between 50-70% of pregnant women struggle with back pain
  • 54% of pregnant women reporting loss of bladder control.

Women’s health physiotherapy can help get you back on track.

Women’s health is a specific area of physiotherapy which focusses on the treatment and management of women’s health issues. This can include:

  • Pregnancy related issues – muscle weakness, back pain, pelvic floor weakness/injury, diastasis (separation of the abdominal muscles).
  • Sexual dysfunction and pelvic pain – pelvic and back pain
  • Peri and post-menopausal problems – pelvic floor weakness, incontinence or loss of bladder control.

With specialist training our women’s health physiotherapists are here to help by

  • Improving tissue mobility
  • Strengthening weakened muscles such as the pelvic floor and abdominals
  • Increasing mobility of the pelvis and lower back
  • Advice and education on your lifestyle
  • Home exercise program to assist recovery

At your first appointment, your physiotherapist will take a detailed medical history. This will be followed by an assessment which may include an internal examination. If your Physiotherapist recommends this assessment they will discuss it with you prior and you can decide together if you would like to have the internal assessment done.

Following the assessment your physiotherapist will develop a treatment plan specific for your needs. This may include soft tissue release, joint release, home exercise and education.

This depends on your coverage. We will give you a receipt and you can submit it to your insurer.

Initial Assessment 45 minutes €85
Follow Up Appointment 45 minutes €85

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