FemiLift Testimonials

FemiLift built my confidence with my partner and enabled me to enjoy my relationship and my sports again. I started a new relationship 2 years ago. After having three kids, your muscles down there do go lax. It was something I wanted to correct for ages.

I had FemiLift for two reasons: I wanted to stop the incontinence and I wanted more confidence. After having four treatments, I feel 100% better – emotionally and physically. I’m more active now and more comfortable in my relationship. I haven’t felt like that in 15 years and I wish I’d done it sooner.

FemiLift is an easy treatment and I’d totally recommend it. The team at the Fitzwilliam Private Clinic made me feel very comfortable and the staff are easy to talk to and very discreet.

If I had to give women one piece of advice, I’d say don’t be embarrassed because hundreds of women suffer from vaginal issues and just speak up. FemiLift is there for a reason. Lots of women get it done from all different age groups. It makes a huge difference to your life.
— Elaine, 46, Harold’s Cross

Before, I sneezed and I was worried about the consequences of the sneeze. I felt like I couldn’t cough or sneeze too much. If we were out in the park, I was mindful of where the nearest toilet was. I don’t have to worry about it now.

FemiLift rejuvenates you. I feel more feminine and I’ve got greater sensation down there. It’s kinda like turning the clock back, particularly if you’ve had children. It would be great if obstetricians could refer women on.

I went in and met with the consultant gynaecologist and discussed everything. A vaginal issue is not something that you talk openly to friends about. You’d only talk about it if someone else raised it as an issue.

I noticed about 2 weeks after the second treatment and more so after the third. I definitely felt my expectations were met. It’s over in about 15 minutes and not worse than a smear test.

Monika is lovely, heavenly and has a really nice manner. Yeah I’ve recommended FemiLift to friends. The aftercare is very professional and pleasant.
— Grainne, 47, Rathfarnham

I had the procedure done in November 2015 as I had recurring problems with leakage when my bladder was full, and I didn’t have access to the bathroom or was away from facilities etc.

For the first two weeks or so afterwards I found everything was irritated, not painful, but I was running to the loo a lot.

When that settled, I improved 100 percent and have been great since.
— Maureen, 47, Tipperary

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Urinary Incontinence


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Dryness & Uncomfortable intercourse

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Vaginal Rejuvenation